Amanda's fresh fabrics and upholstery techniques have transformed countless interiors across the country from her Texas-based upholstery shop, Spruce. She's often found teaching classes, speaking at design events, or working on her next project, pneumatic stapler in hand.



Scheduled for release in October 2013, The Spruce Guide to Upholstery and Design is the definitive how-to book for modern upholstery practices. Flip through 300+ pages of color photos, illustrations and Amanda's tips and tricks for transforming every piece in your home. 



Come visit Spruce in person! Check out our vintage and antique finds, peruse our fresh selection of fabrics, and schedule your next furniture transformation. Or roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with an action-packed upholstery class with the Sprucettes. Austin's pretty fun, too! 



Amanda‚Äôs Upholstery Basics column on Design*Sponge welcomes upholstery enthusiasts to share her knowledge and recreate their own hand-me-downs and roadside rescues. From custom lampshades to poolside roll-ups, Amanda covers every step for a successful DIY endeavor.